“The Dirt On Daniel Sullivan”

I’m Daniel Sullivan the Creator of the Dirty Boxing Mastery Course. Since 1985, I’ve dedicated my life to learning, researching and developing the world’s most devastating and effective martial arts for real-world self defense and sharing what I’ve learned with others.

Though the martial arts, I’ve transformed my life in the most amazing ways and I wanted to share my positive transformation with others so they can experience the same positive benefits that I have gained through the martial arts. I’ve accomplished quite a bit in my Martial Arts career. Here is a partial list of my achievements…

  • 1st Degree Black Belt, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (Cleber Luciano, Gracie Humaita)
  • Senior Full Instructor (Ajarn), Muay Thai (Thai Boxing Association USA)
  • Third Level Instructor, Mixed Martial Arts (Miletich Fighting Systems)
  • Full Instructor, JeetKune Do (Dan Inosanto)
  • Full Instructor 4th Degree Black Belt, Filipino Martial Arts (Dan Inosanto)
  • Black Belt, Instructor, Silat (Dan Inosanto)
  • Instructor, Kalis Ilustrisimo (Tony Diego)
  • Silver Glove, Savate (Nicolas Saignac)

Today I’m a formidable expert on self-defense and the martial arts. My DVDs have sold all over the world and I own and operate one the most successful martial arts schools in America. However, I wasn’t always this skilled, knowledgeable and successful. Get the Dirt on Daniel Sullivan here…http://www.ockickboxing.com/features/HEAD-INSTRUCTOR/